Design Services by Nita Chanee'

Let's be honest, results like the ones seen on HGTV happen with the help of  a team of people! Don't be fooled! They DON'T show you everything that's actually happening behind the scenes. To pull together a perfectly polished design takes time, careful planning, research and revisions! You can end up spending hours, days, weeks and even months just researching tips, advice and tricks to only still come on short in the end! You don't have to tackle these tasks alone. If you really want to get a perfectly polished space that looks like YOU stepped right into the cover of a magazine, you need the help of YOUR very own team! Together we will be the team you need to ensure YOU have the results YOU want and deserve! Save time and costly mistakes by utilizing your team to get professional results! We can provide a personalized solution with services that include concept design boards, floor plans, and 3D sketches for your space! Get answers and solutions specific to your space today! Your design team is waiting and ready to work on getting your results! 



Nita Chanee'
Owner/Vanity Lux Decor
Interior Designer